Arthur Hendry, Grad Dip Arch, Director

Professional Registration

Feet on the ground problem solver creating practical sensitive solutions with the ability to appreciate and understand the Clients needs with a positive responsiveness to those needs through a well thought out design process.

The goal is to provide a high quality design that meets the client's criteria including design, function, relationship with the environment, programme and budget.

Has long experience in dealing with planners, conservation officers and heritage groups. Been involved with the design and build of many hotels and has built up a positive understanding of fast track construction and management working with the Contractor and Client to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

Has worked in various sectors of the market both public and private, housing, offices, computer centres and historic building and has been involved with the development of hotels and leisure projects for over 25 years.

These projects have ranged from, individual private hotels through to hotels for International hotel groups and theme parks both in the UK and Northern Europe as well as the development of International Hotel Brand standards manuals.